Geneviève Young

Photo of Genevieve Young in library
Research Interests:
I am a PhD candidate in French and Medieval Studies. My dissertation focuses on affect and affective interruptions in Old French and Old Occitan epic poetry [*chansons de geste*], with a current emphasis on laughter as both indicator and motivator of social and political unrest. My work also examines how the heroes of these epic narratives have shaped and informed the national mythos of France up through the modern day. I have presented work at national and international conferences on a variety of other topics related to medieval epic, including alterity and cannibalism, good versus bad kingship, humor theory, and troublesome monks. In addition to my scholarly pursuits, I recently co-chaired the 17th Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies, North America’s largest conference on Medieval Studies organized by and for graduate students, which was held here at the University of Minnesota.
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