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Opportunities for Experience

We're Driven to Discover

The University of Minnesota is one of the nation's top research institutions with an international reputation. What does that mean for you as a student in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA)?

It means that you get to work alongside world-renowned faculty members committed to creating new ideas and knowledge across every discipline you can imagine. They lead breakthrough research initiatives and write the textbooks used throughout higher education.

Research conducted here solves problems that touch our lives every day. Why do we behave as we do? How do we apply discoveries in science and medicine to improve lives? What makes life worth living?

Faculty research and creative projects address climate change, nerve damage, land use, voter behavior, the law, wealth acquisition, language preservation, clean water, what we eat and why, and much, much more. And they don’t do it alone. Research and creative opportunities for students like you are plentiful, even for freshmen.

CLA is home to many award-winning students.

  • 4 Rhodes Scholars since 2001
  • 4 Truman Scholars since 2004
  • 41 Fulbright grants since 2004
  • 5 Beinecke Scholars since 2006