Major Transfer Guide for Strategic Communication: Advertising & Public Relations

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

The Department Website provides information about major and minor options and requirements, the major declaration process, departmental advising contact information, and more. If you have specific questions about the major, you can contact the departmental advising office.

Recommendations from the Major Department

Courses to prepare for the major

JOUR 1001 - Media in a Changing World, must be completed or in progress in order to apply for the major.

Students must receive a grade of C or higher in JOUR 1001. A grade of C- or better is required in all remaining courses approved to satisfy major requirements.

At the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, JOUR is the designator for Strategic Communication major courses.

See the catalog for all courses in the major.

Remember, when using Transferology to plan courses for the major, look for courses that transfer as direct equivalents to UMTC major courses.

Requirements to declare the major

In CLA, each department has a process to declare the major. This is a necessary step for the major to be added to the student record. New transfer students do not declare their majors until after they attend orientation.

To declare the Journalism major, students must apply and be accepted into the major. Applications to the major are accepted twice each academic year, at the start of fall and spring semesters. Incoming transfer students have the opportunity to apply at the start of their first semester in CLA if they have met the eligibility requirements.

Students are eligible to apply for major status once they have:

  • Completed or are enrolled in JOUR 1001, earning a grade of C or better;
  • Completed or enrolled in 30 credits graded on the A-F grade basis, including a minimum of 13 credits on the A-F grade basis at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, completed or in-progress;
  • Attended or viewed a required Premajor Information Session.

If a student’s application for major status is approved, they meet with a Hubbard School advisor to complete the declaration process.

The Strategic Communication major takes a minimum of four semesters on the Twin Cities campus to complete. For this reason, students should prepare to apply to the major no later than the fall of their junior year if they are planning to graduate in four years. Applying to the major earlier gives students more time to complete their courses.

Students can complete JOUR 1001 and up to two context courses at the 3xxx-5xxx level before being admitted into the major. The majority of the major courses, including all skills courses, are reserved for Strategic Communication majors.

If you are considering Strategic Communication as your major in CLA, carefully review the information about applying to the major and the Transfer Student FAQ page on the department’s website to learn more about the application requirements and process.

Limits on the use of transfer credits towards the major

Lower division coursework - The only lower division (1xxx-level) course that counts toward the Strategic Communication major is JOUR 1001, which is a prerequisite for admission to the major.

Major residency requirement - Students may transfer up to 12 credits into the major.

Transfer courses are evaluated by the department for use towards the major. Check Transferology to see if an evaluation already exists for the courses you would like to use toward the major.  If you find a course that has not been evaluated you can submit the course for review. A copy of the course syllabus is required. 

Additional information and recommendations

CLA’s Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers three undergraduate majors - Journalism, Mass Communication, and Strategic Communication: Advertising and Public Relations. Each major focuses on a distinct area of study that connects to different kinds of work. Review the Hubbard School website to learn about each of the majors. 

Prospective transfer students are welcome to make in-person or phone appointments with the Pre-Major advisor prior to orientation to talk about the majors and the application.

If you are planning to transfer to CLA to complete a BA with the Strategic Communication major and you are attending a community college or other two-year institution, keep in mind the limit on 1xxx-level courses in the major. The department recommends that you limit the number of 1xxx-level journalism or mass communication courses that you take prior to transferring, and use your time at the community college to work on your second language coursework and other degree requirements. Be sure to talk with a CLA transfer advisor about any questions you have about completing the CLA Second Language requirement.

Students are encouraged to consider a minor or double major in another department outside of Strategic Communication. Feel free to connect with the Hubbard School student services office for recommendations.