CLA Community & Culture

One of the best things about the University of Minnesota is its size. We are a large, diverse campus where you will find your community and your path. Want to reinvent yourself? Want to continue long-standing pursuits? No matter what, there are others here like you, and there are many ways to find those relationships and create opportunities.

Living-Learning Communities

Housing and Residential Life (HRL) works with many different campus partners to enrich the living experience of on-campus students at the University of Minnesota. HRL offers special Living Learning Communities (LLCs): smaller communities within campus housing that meet students' specific interests around academics, identity, society, culture, and language. Living in an LLC, you will meet and connect with other students who share your interests. LLCs provide educational, social, and developmental programs and services to support you and your transition to the University. And hey—you and your roommate will already have something in common!

Student Groups

All work and no play—that's not the CLA way! You don't have to keep your head buried in books all of the time. There's an incredible variety of student groups you can join on campus that students like you have created around common interests, hobbies, professional goals, and religious affiliations. You might even want to organize one yourself. Plus, you can build a lot of real-world skills and gain tangible life experiences in leadership, project management, financial responsibility, event planning, public relations, and advertising—just to name a few.

The CLA Student Ambassadors are a group of dynamic student leaders who serve as College of Liberal Arts representatives while developing teamwork, self-motivation, creative problem solving strategies, and more.

An Urban Adventure

Finally, take advantage of all that Minneapolis-St. Paul has to offer. We love our cities—and so will you.

Our location in the center of the Twin Cities offers countless opportunities to supplement your classroom experiences: internships at Fortune 500 companies, exposure to world-class arts, and engagement with nonprofits large and small.

Straddling the Mississippi River, it's a mere 11-minute bus ride to the heart of downtown Minneapolis, and the new light rail system connects you to the Minnesota State Capitol in downtown St. Paul. Fantastic business, residential, and entertainment areas are easy to find by foot, bike, or bus. Not only is this a great academic university—it's fun, too.