Twin Cities Transfer Students

Applying to CLA

Students enrolled in other University of Minnesota-Twin Cities colleges who wish to transfer to a CLA or add a CLA degree, must fill out the appropriate application form:

The Application for Change of College is appropriate for students who wish to no longer pursue the major/degree in their current college.

The Application for Admission to Second Undergraduate Degree Program is appropriate for students who wish to pursue degrees from different colleges simultaneously.

Note: The College of Liberal Arts degree programs include some requirements that your current college may not. Students who plan to earn a CLA degree in addition to their first degree must meet all CLA degree requirements.

For more information changing colleges, go to One Stop's Changing Major or College site.

Earning a CLA Major/Minor (non-CLA students)

It is possible for students outside of the College of Liberal Arts to earn a CLA major or minor without adding the degree. To add a major or minor in CLA, students must file a major/minor form from CLA Student Services, 16 Johnston Hall, for the major/minor to be posted to the student record.

For more information on declaring a major or minor in CLA, contact the appropriate CLA department.  Some major/minor declaration forms are filed online. The department you are working with will let you know how to declare the major or minor. When you meet with a departmental advisor to declare a CLA major, tell the advisor about your current college/major.

Majors with Additional Admissions Requirements

Some CLA majors/minors require that you complete certain prerequisites before declaring the major or minor. For information on additional requirements needed to declare the major/minor, visit the specific departmental website and the University Catalog.

Programs that require specific GPA minimums and/or an additional application process for entry into the major:

Programs that require an audition or portfolio review for entry into the major:

For more information about the CLA transfer process after admission, visit the CLA Orientation website.