The BSE curriculum is drawn from departments around the University. We provide our studens with course guides to help our students navigate what courses will be available to fulfill the requirements of BSE each semester.  Occaisionally we miss a course, so do check Schedule Builder if there is a course you are expecting to see that you do not. We post a new course guide one week before registration opens, but you can always view the University Catalogs for a complete list of course offerings. 

Current Course Guides

If you declared your major in Fall 2020 or later:

Spring 2021 course guide can be found at

If you declared before Fall 2020:

Spring 2021 course guide can be found at

Previous Course Guides

Major Credit

APAS updates, Course Petitions & Transfer equivalency information

If you are interested in requesting major or minor credit for a course taken at the University of Minnesota or at another academic institution, please see our GES course petition process page. Transfer students should learn about how credits transfer to CLA and should investigate Transferology—a free system that helps students coordinate their transfer credits with their degree program.

Permission Numbers

If you need a permission number to enroll in BSE 2001 or BSE 3991, send an email that includes your name, your student ID, and your year in college to

Need a permission number for another course? Contact the instructor of a class or the departmental advisor for a course as follows:

For questions about courses offered by other departments (e.g., BIOL, MATH, GLOS, etc.) contact the staff and/or instructor of those departments directly.

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
BSE 2001An Introduction to Biology, Society, and EnvironmentSections [1]
BSE 3991Biology, Society and Environment CapstoneSections [1]
BSE 3991HBSE Capstone HonorsSections [1]
BSE 3996Senior Project Directed ResearchSections [9]
BSE 3997Senior ProjectSections [9]

Fall 2021

There are no BSE courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.