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Funding & Policies

Students in the PhD and MA programs generally receive fellowships and graduate assistantships provided by the department or by other units of the University. Some students obtain grants from outside funders such as the National Science Foundation (NSF).

MGIS students are eligible to pursue graduate assistantships in related units at the University.


Both our department and the University offer fellowships to support graduate study. Some are designed for entering students while others are available to students in the later stages of their work. Some of the fellowships are described below.

For Incoming Graduate Students

Geography Department Fellowship
Awarded to the outstanding incoming foreign applicant.

Ralph H. Brown Fellowship
Awarded to an outstanding incoming student.

Graduate School Fellowships
These provide one academic year of support to students in their first year of graduate study. For 201415, fellows receive $25,000, plus full tuition and 95% subsidized comprehensive health insurance. The geography department provides an additional two years of assistantship support to students who receive the fellowship.

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships
Indicate on Departmental Application Form that you are interested in being nominated for this and submit the FLAS application forms to the department along with your application for admission.
For US citizens or permanent residents, summer: $2,5005,000+ tuition and some fees; academic year: $15,000$18,000 + tuition and some fees. 

Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC)
Each of the two following fellowships carry a first-year stipend of approximately $20,000.

ICGC Fellowship
Nominees should have backgrounds and interests which identify them as outstanding students who are clearly committed to the interdisciplinary study of developing nations in the context of global change.

Compton Peace Fellowship
For entering doctoral students from sub-Saharan Africa.

Departmental Fellowships and Grants for Current Graduate Students

  • Darrell Haug Davis Fellowship
  • Summer Fellowships
  • Travel grants

Other Resources

Soros Fellowship for New Americans
First-year grads; resident alien/naturalized/child of naturalized citizens. $20,000 plus 1/2 tuition.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
U.S. citizens & permanent residents—entering & first-year grads. 13 year awards, $27,500 per 12-month period.

Jacob Javits Fellowship
Deadline: October 8
Eligibility is limited to US citizens or nationals, permanent residents of the US, or citizens of any one of the Freely Associated States who are applying to, or who are currently attending, a graduate program leading to a doctorate or a MFA, but who have not completed more than one year of graduate study. Students must demonstrate financial need by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students attending foreign institutions are ineligible. Awards are made for one year, and are renewable to a maximum of four years, contingent upon the student making satisfactory progress toward the degree. Each Javits Fellowship offers a maximum stipend of $30,000, a portion of which will be paid to the fellow's institution in lieu of tuition and fees


PhD and MA students are eligible for graduate assistantships offered by the department, and all graduate students, including those in the MGIS program, may apply for assistantships in other units of the University.

Graduate assistantships are explained in more detail in the Graduate School Catalog.

Other Opportunities

Other jobs and student loans also are available to graduate students. Some of these are described in the Graduate School Student Handbook and the Graduate School Catalog.