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GES Graduate Student Publication

October 15, 2018

Mara McPartland

Mara McPartland
Mara doing fieldwork in Alaska

Mara McPartland, a second year PhD student in Geography at UMN, is lead author of a new paper: "The response of boreal peatland community composition and NDVI to hydrologic change, warming and elevated carbon dioxide.” 

McPartland and her collaborators used multi-scale remote sensing and field observations to examine ecological, structural, and functional responses of boreal peatlands to experimental manipulation of hydrology, temperature, and ambient CO2 at a site in northern Minnesota. Her results have substantial implications for community ecology and satellite based interpretation of landscape-scale system process.
Global Change Biology is high-impact and a leading journal in ecology. This is very nice work and its publication in GCB represents quite an accomplishment. Kudos and congratulations!