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Meet Our Faculty: Barbara Frey

November 2, 2017

Barbara Frey is Director of the Human Rights Program and a senior lecturer in Global Studies.  Before coming to the University of Minnesota, Frey worked in the world of human rights advocacy, directing a human rights organization in the Twin Cities.  Her approach to teaching and scholarship is very applied in nature, with the goal of achieving equality, non-discrimination, and respect for individuals in the field of human rights.  In Global Studies, she teaches “International Human Rights Law” and a human rights internship class that places students in local human rights organizations for a 100 hour internship experience.  “I want students to really learn - I want them at the end of the semester to look back and say I understand what that law is, and why it’s important, but also to take some ownership and understand that it is within their power to have an impact on issues they care about.”  Learn more about Barbara Frey.