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$4 Million in Support of Less Commonly Taught Languages

September 26, 2018

The Institute of Global Studies has been awarded more than $4 million during 2018-22 academic years to develop new curriculum that improves the readiness of graduates for life in a globalized world and to support students in the less commonly taught languages. Projects include the development of new courses, practica, and internships that take advantage of global-local connections in the Twin Cities, as well as connecting campus curricula to opportunities abroad.

Evelyn Davidheiser, assistant dean in CLA and director of the Institute of Global Studies sees the award as critical support, “Whether students want to become diplomats, entrepreneurs, or simply engaged global citizens, they need a strong global education. These grants provide additional resources to meet this goal.”

Support for less commonly taught languages is also geared toward promoting student readiness, by developing new opportunities in Arabic, Hmong, Korean, Somali, and Swahili.

Over the four years of the grant, curriculum development, faculty collaboration, and outreach will be built around four broad themes:

  • Environment, Health & Security
  • Mass Atrocities & their Aftermaths
  • The Global Economy & Disposable People
  • Movements, Migration and Memory

The $3 million allocated for FLAS fellowships directly support students through tuition subsidies and living stipends. These fellowships promote the acquisition of advanced proficiency in less commonly taught languages. Each year, 39 graduate and undergraduate students will be awarded fellowships, doubling the amount of students previously supported through the program.