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Recent Dissertations


Burwick, W. Christopher
"An Exploration of Materiality in Josef Winkler's Narrative Structures"
Advisor: Leslie Morris

Peterson, Paul
"Old Norse Nicknames"
Advisors: Kaaren Grimstad, Anatoly Liberman


Lawton, Lindsay
"Marketing Authenticity: Production and Promotion of Muslim Women's Memoirs in Germany and Austria"
Advisor: Arlene Teraoka

Patten, Andrew
"All That is the Case: The Collection, Exhibition, and Practice of Weltliteratur"
Advisor: Rembert Hüser

Shepela, Anja
"'Meine kühnsten Wünsche und Ideen': Women, Space, Place, and Mobility in Late Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany"
Advisor: Ruth-Ellen Joeres


Brungs, Juliette
"Performing the Jewish Body in Contemporary Germany: Esther Dischereit and Tanya Ury"
Advisor: Leslie Morris


David, Thomas
"Interrogating Utopia: The Science Fiction of the German Democratic Republic in the Age of Globalization"
Advisor: Rembert Hüser

Oberlin, Adam
"The Style and Structure of Minnesang"
Advisor: Anatoly Liberman

Pasternak, James
"Apocalypse or Utopia: Representations of the Medieval in Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction"
Advisor: James A. Parente, Jr.

Skarsten, Roger
"Singing Arminius. Imagining a German Nation: Narratives of the Liberator Germaniae in Early Modern Europe"
Advisor: James A. Parente, Jr.

Wallen, Anne
"The Philosophic Game: Eighteenth-Century Masquerade in German and Danish Literature and Culture"
Advisors: Poul Houe, Rembert Hüser


Collenberg, Carrie
"The Aesthetics of Terrorism"
Advisor: Rembert Hüser