We offer an extensive language program, with courses that range from beginning German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish to advanced conversation and composition, German media, and Business German. We also offer courses in historical languages, such as Old Norse and Middle-High German.

The languages and cultures of Central and Northern Europe play a significant role in today’s global marketplace. They are at the center of current events involving issues of immigration and migration, environmental movements, and transnational cultural exchange. Learning one of these languages will provide you with the tools to look at current and historical events through the lens of another culture and to analyze a number of timely issues.

Known for exemplary teaching, our language program is ranked as one of the best in the country. Our language courses incorporate authentic cultural materials, such as movies, songs, texts, and websites. They'll provide you with a sound base in the grammar and vocabulary of the languages while deepening your understanding of the cultures associated with them.

Lena Norman