Think globally
The study of languages and cultures is essential to a liberal arts education. In GSD, you can learn several languages while exploring the societies, traditions, and innovative ideas of each. GSD studies lead to a wide range of opportunities. Our majors and minors go on to careers in business, education, communication, management, sciences, the nonprofit sector, and more.

Acquire new skills
Learning languages develops analytical and communication skills along with intercultural competence. We offer a variety of courses in culture, literature, history, film, and media focusing on Northern and Central Europe with topics that range from early historical periods to contemporary environmental issues.

Gain experience
Come be involved in a department that offers small classes, excellence in teaching, and great extracurricular activities for majors, minors, and all students. Studying or interning abroad not only helps sharpen your language skills, but provides new experiences and vast opportunities for personal growth.

German class