Peer Advisor Profile: Mia Karras

Students Helping Students

Meet Peer Advisor Mia Karras! Mia is one of three of our peer advisors in the economics department. Mia and the other peer advisors connect students with activities and organizations that enrich the undergraduate experience and support undergrads by guiding students through administrative questions. Keep reading to learn more about Mia and how peer advisors can support you.

What experience do you have in economics?

I am a current undergraduate economics student and consider myself to be very involved in the economics department as a peer advisor and through my participation in the Women in Economics program for fall 2021. Before I started my undergraduate economics career, I had taken economics courses in high school, which is where my interest in economics began. 

What are your favorite resources to use on campus?

My favorite resource to use on campus is a TA for a class. I find that going to office hours or emailing questions to a TA or professor helps most. As for economics courses, using PAL sessions in Econ 3101 has been super helpful and SMART tutoring is an easy way to get answers to little questions. 

How can students benefit from meeting with you?

Peer advisors host drop-ins about twice a week, so it's a great way for us to answer relatively straightforward questions about the major/minor process, course sequencing for economics, asking for our opinion on certain econ courses, and answering questions about student resources or getting involved in economics. In the econ advising office, we get a lot of emails that ask great questions, but attending drop-ins means that these questions can get answered right away as opposed to having to wait for us to reply via email.

What conversations do you look forward to having with students as a peer advisor?

I'm looking forward to talking to economics students about the major/minor process—what it looks like, different pathways, etc. and also telling students about the many opportunities in economics (study abroad, organizations, our advising Google site, etc.). 

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