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Portrait of Mons Chan

Trade: Who Wins and Who Loses?

When Mons Chan started out as an undergraduate economics major, he didn’t want to just learn, he wanted to learn how to get things done. Economics, he came to realize, would give him the tools to contribute to positive change in the world. Now, as he wraps up the final year of his PhD program, Mons’ research on trade patterns is producing detailed information that policymakers will be able to use to ensure more people are better off.
Republican Tax Plan

VV Chari on GOP's Tax Overhaul

When filers were first allowed to deduct taxes they pay to state and local governments from their total taxable income, it had a different intention, said V.V. Chari. He explains that this effectively served as a subsidy from D.C. to local governments: with residents feeling less of a squeeze from local taxes, jurisdictions felt freer to raise rates, increasing their budgets for goods and services.