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Crossing the Boundaries

Culture, Linguistics, and Literature

Ed. Francisco Ocampo

We are pleased to initiate these “debates” with an essay by Eduardo Subirats in which he presents a strong critique of certain trends within Cultural Studies and advocates for the reactivation of Critical Theory. Also included are four additional brief reflections on the first issue of HIOL (Debating Hispanic Studies: Reflections on Our Discipline) and a follow up mini symposium on the same topic.

  1. Las poéticas colonizadas de América Latina
    Eduardo Subirats
  2. Crossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics, and Literature
    Francisco Ocampo and Ana Forcinito
  3. Notes on a Scandal (or Two)
    David Castillo
  4. Towards Queering the Curriculum
    David William Foster
  5. Thoughts on “Crossing the Boundaries: Culture, Linguistics and Literature”
    José Ignacio Hualde
  6. (After)Thoughts on the State of Hispanic Linguistics
    John M. Lipski