Cervantes's Exemplary Novels and the Adventure of Writing

Ed. Michael Nerlich and Nicholas Spadaccini
Provides a philosophical, critical, and political reading of Cervantes's satirical novellas as they highlight the problem of language and communication.

Juan Andrés to Alban Forcione. One the Critical Reception of the Novelas Ejemplares
Michael Nerlich

  1. Cervantes’s Exemplary Subjects
    Anthony J. Cascardi
  2. Theater Within the Novel: “Mass” Audience and Individual Reader in La Gitanilla and Riconete y Cortadillo
    Francisco J. Sánchez
  3. The Function of Madness in El Licenciado Vidriera
    Sybil Dümchen
  4. Cervantes’s La fuerza de la sangre and the Rhetoric of Power
    Edward H. Friedman
  5. Cervantes’s La fuerza de la sangre and the Force of Negation
    Dina De Rentiis
  6. Dynamism and Spatial Structure in Las dos doncellas
    Caroline Schmauser
  7. Cervantes and the Dialogic World
    Nicholas Spadaccini and Jenaro Talens
  8. On the Philosophical Dimension of El casamiento engañoso and El coloquio de los perros
    Michael Nerlich

Exemplarity, Modernity, and the Discriminating Games of Reading
Alban K. Forcione