Critical Practices in Post-Franco Spain

Ed. Silvia López, Jenaro Talens, and Santos Zunzunegui
Offers a sampling of Spanish critical work in literary theory and cultural studies in the post-Franco period, with a focus on new discourses in various print and electronic media, on the discursive construction of the museum space, and on literary theory as it confronts issues of translation, subjectivity, writing, and narratology.

The Politics of Theory in Post-Franco Spain
Silvia L. López, Jenaro Talens, and Darío Villanueva

Part I. Representation

  1. Making Sense after Babel
    Jenaro Talens
  2. The Television Newscast: A Postmodern Discourse
    Jesús Gonzalez-Requena
  3. Architectures of the Gaze
    Santos Zunzunegui

Part II. Aesthetics

  1. The Immutability of the Text, the Freedom of the Reader, and Aesthetic Experience
    Rafael Núñez-Ramos
  2. Phenomenology of Pragmatics of Literary Realism
    Darío Villanueva
  3. The Pragmatics of Lyric Poetry
    José María Pozuelo-Yvancos
  4. Reading in Process, the Antitext, and the Definitions of Literature
    Manuel Asensi

Part III. Subjectivity

  1. Subjectivity and Temporality in Narrative
    Cristina Peña-Marín
  2. Subject and Language: Reflections on Lacan and Jinkis
    Juan Miguel Company-Ramón

Aesthetics and Politics
Tom Lewis