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2016-2017 Undergraduate Award Winners

May 31, 2016
Hedley Donovan Scholarship
Henry Carras "Love Canal: An Environmental History"
Michaela Bunke "Impact on Liberal Vienna"
Talle Family Merit Scholarship for Excellence in History 
Tyler Boesch
Norman Moen Public History Scholarship 
Symantha Clough
John L. & Elizabeth T. Harnsberger Scholarship
Keren Habtes
Class of 1889 Memorial Prize
Makiki Reuvers "A Walk with the Devil: Epressions of Cultural Tensions on the American Frontier through Religious Narrative in 1785"
George D. Green American History Research Prize
Dan Kilgore "Turning Papist"
Birkelo Award
Sofia Logan
Reinmuth Prize
Manuel Berduc "Between Lenin and Luxemburg: The German Revolution of 1917-1923 and Paul Levi's Foundations for a 'Mass Party'"