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Scholarships Open Up the World

April 16, 2019

Lara Schueth first explored her interest in history when she began taking classes that were focused on regions other than the US and Europe. Schueth has been awarded both the Talle Family Scholarship and the Barbara Newsome Liberal Arts Internship Award. These accolades have allowed Schueth to flourish not only in her studies but also in her volunteer work for a number of political campaigns.

Majors: History and Sociology
Minors: Spanish and Arabic
Graduation year: 2019

How did you become interested in studying history? What is something you enjoy about your studies?

I have always enjoyed history classes, so I began taking them my first semester here as an undeclared student. I took multiple classes that focused on regions other than Europe and North America, as those were the only ones that I had learned about in high school. These courses really piqued my interest in history and I decided to declare a history major my sophomore year.

What scholarships, fellowships, or other awards aided your educational journey?

When I came into the University I had been awarded the Presidential Scholarship as well as a one-time scholarship from my high school. During my senior year, I was awarded the Talle Family Scholarship after the history department nominated me. I currently also have the Barbara Newsome Liberal Arts Internship Award for an internship that I am completing through The Advocates for Human Rights.

These awards have helped me tremendously through my college career, allowing me to concentrate on my studies and volunteer on multiple political campaigns that have been important to me.

What experiences have helped you grow intellectually and/or personally?

One of my favorite experiences during my time at UMN was studying abroad in Toledo, Spain my sophomore year. I stayed with a host family, which helped me improve my Spanish immensely.

On campus, I have been involved with Admissions Ambassadors, giving tours to prospective students, as well as the CLA First-Year Experience program, acting as a mentor to first-years.

What’s next after graduation?

I am planning on staying in the Twin Cities after graduation and working for a few years before eventually going to graduate school. I am considering getting a masters of public health and working in the nonprofit sector.

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This interview was conducted by an undergraduate student in CLAgency. Meet the team.