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History Day at the University of Minnesota, continued

April 8, 2019

Last week, we began to get a look at National History Day (NHD) a yearly event in which students grades 6-12 in Minnesota and around the country create and complete an inter-disciplinary research project and discussed the mentorship class that undergrad mentors take in order to prepare for their work. This week will focus more on the experiences of undergraduate mentors and what they say they get out of the experience. On the minds of many of the History Day mentors is, unsurprisingly, ho to be a good teacher. The mentors discover what many who have taught already know—it is not always easy to motivate students. Specifically, mentors wrestle with ways to get their students to take ownership of the History Day projects. It is not surprising that many of the History Day mentors are interested in pursuing careers related to education. Whether or not students are interested in studying education, many notice how much is often left out of many Middle School and High School curriculums. Recognizing this gives mentors and their students, avenues to explore areas of history to which they would not normally have a chance to explore. In this way, the History Day Program gives Middle and High School students the chance to engage on their own terms with histories that would otherwise be erased. This is a tremendous opportunity for these students to find their own voice, but it also gives the mentors a chance to reflect on their education and what may have been left out or overlooked before their undergraduate careers.

If you would like to get involved in History Day check out the link below. Remember this program is not just for history majors! All undergraduate students are welcome to participate. See more information.