Student Research

Selected Recent 2014 AEJMC Conference Presentations

Casey Carmody and David Pritchard, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Political Culture, Policy Liberalism, Public Opinion and Strength of Journalist’s Privilege in the American States"

Sarah Cavanah, "Comparing National Scholastic Press Association Pacemaker Finalists to the Average School with Student Media"

Simin Michelle Chen and Yadan Zhang, "Framing Corruption in the Chinese Government: A Comparison of Frames Between Media, Government, and Netizens"

Jiyoung Han, "Intergroup Contact Through News Exposure And The Role of Group-Based Emotions"

Elizabeth Housholder, Brendan Watson, Susan LoRusso, Jordan Dolbin and Shaurav Raj Adhikari,"Does Political Advertising Lead to Online Information Seeking? A Real-World Test Using Google Search Data" Brett Johnson,"The Heckler’s Veto: Applying An On-the-Street Doctrine to Internet Communications"

Brett Johnson, "Dehumanizing Injured Athletes: The Ethics of Framing Player Injuries in Fantasy Football Reporting "

Joonghwa Lee, Soojung Kim and Doyle Yoon, "The Role of Personal and Societal Norms in Understanding Social Media Advertising Effects: A Study of Sponsored Stories on Facebook"

Soojung Kim and Joonghwa Lee,"Perceived Norms and Consumer Responses to Social Media Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Study of Facebook Sponsored Stories among Americans and Koreans"

Ben Miller, "Man Without a Country: How Character Complexity Primes Racial Stereotypes"

Chelsea Reynolds, "Properly Preggers: Media Representations of Celebrity Mommies and the Social Capital of the Ideal Pregnant Body"

Chelsea Reynolds, "Moral Panic in a Pandemic: A Historical Analysis of HIV Coverage and the America Responds to AIDS Campaign in 1987"

Chelsea Reynolds and Susan LoRusso, "The Women’s Magazine Diet: A Content Analysis of Nutrition and Fitness Articles in Women’s and Women’s Health Magazines"

Alexander Vlisides,"Video Games and NCAA Athletes: Resolving a Modern Threat to the First Amendment" Rodrigo Zamith, "Latin America in The Associated Press: A Longitudinal Analysis of Contextual Predictors of Visibility"

Rodrigo Zamith and Seth Lewis, "Content Analysis and Computational Social Science: Rethinking a Method"

Xuan Zhu, Lauren Gray and Jiyoon Lee, "Social Influence on Soda Consumption Behaviors among International Students Residing in the United States"