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Capstone Magazine

Magazine Editing and Production (JOUR 5174) is the School of Journalism & Mass Communication's capstone practicum in magazine and web writing. This course culminates in the creation of a professional, single-subject magazine and website, featured below. The magazine's subject is selected each semester. Previous magazines include Pause (Spring 2012), which focused on our interaction with time, and Flatline (Spring 2011), which investigated topics related to death and dying. Magazines from previous years can be found on the School of Journalism and Mass Communication's ISSUU archive.

As a skills-based course, Magazine Editing and Production seeks to develop students' abilities in writing, editing, photography, graphic design, marketing, and web production. Students also experience firsthand the organization and inner workings of a magazine's editorial and production staff. While functioning as the staff of a magazine, students also connect the implications of working relationships and specific divisions of labor.

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