Graduate Education

The University of Minnesota’s PhD program, one of the oldest and top-funded in the nation, is nationally considered among the elite. As part of a challenging and dynamic major research university, we attract future leaders and media scholars from around the world and from diverse cultural communities. We take pride in the prestige of our alumni and excellent placement of new graduates.

Our graduate students present at major conferences, have work published in leading journals and books, receive recognition by academic organizations, and work side-by-side with faculty. They graduate to careers at top-ranked universities and high-profile nonprofit organizations as well as major media corporations.


Whether you're applying for a graduate degree or are currently enrolled in one of SJMC's graduate programs, visit the Graduate Student Services office in 110 Murphy Hall to get the answers you need. Contact us at or 612-625-4054.

Strategic Communication

Take Two

Advertising executive Steve Wehrenberg joins SJMC faculty and leads the graduate program in Strategic Communications.

Learn more about Steve.