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Degree Programs

The University has historically been recognized as one of the foremost institutions for the study of mass communication. Every year, our graduate students present research at major conferences, have work published in leading journals and books, receive recognition from academic organizations, and work for major media organizations. HSJMC PhD graduates have gone on to academic positions at top-ranked universities such as Harvard, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Penn State. Other PhD and MA students have pursued careers at high-profile nonprofit organizations, major advertising firms, public relations and media organizations, and as consultants for large corporations.

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers several different comprehensive graduate degree programs to open students' horizons to new research, discoveries, and job opportunities. See how our academic MA, professional MA, PhD, and joint-degree programs can help you grow and succeed in the field:

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Graduate Minors

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers a graduate minor in Mass Communication to students seeking an MA or PhD in other areas of study. The School also partners with the Center for the Study of Political Psychology in offering a graduate minor in Political Psychology.

Mission Statement

The Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s MA and PhD graduate programs train students to become leaders in the social scientific study of mass communication. Our mission is to prepare students for academic and professional careers in a global media environment. Our graduate programs are designed for students aspiring to be scholars and educators who bridge academic and public interest work. Coursework and extracurricular opportunities emphasize scientific theory-building and rigorous methodology to advance the understanding and research skills that can inform practical solutions to real-life problems. Building on a mass communication foundation, our graduate students employ an interdisciplinary approach.

CLA’s Graduate Programs Office offers graduate students access to funding resources, health and supportive services, diversity initiatives, and other valuable information.