Minor in Digital Media Studies


This interdisciplinary minor explores multiple perspectives of how information or content is created and shaped in digital media, as well as the role and impact of those media on human communication. Students will have an understanding of how digital media changes the ways in which various types of content can be created, managed, and distributed and, in doing so, potentially change the content itself.

All of the minor credits must be completed on the A/F grade basis with a result of a grade of C- or better in each course.

New Media Studies

Prior to fall 2015 SJMC offered a different minor: New Media Studies. While this minor is no longer accepting new declarations, students already declared in New Media Studies are welcome finish the minor using the New Media Studies minor requirements (keep in mind these are different requirements from the Digital Media Studies minor above).

If you are unsure which minor you have declared or have questions, contact us:
SJMC Student Services