Multimedia Producer

Multimedia producers are responsible for telling stories using video and still photography, video and audio editing, Web design, graphic arts and animation, scriptwriting and interactive media. They advise reporters and editors about how to incorporate multimedia elements into their stories and generate original content themselves. They manage the production process (generating ideas, meeting budgets and deadlines) for multimedia projects.

Basic Skills and Competencies

  • Love computers, cameras, digital software
  • Good storytelling skills
  • Able to collaborate with other reporters/editors
  • Willingness to constantly learn new skills, computer programs, gadget functions

McKenna Ewen is an award-winning producer at CNN. Previously he was a video journalist at the Washington Post. Ewen was working as a multimedia producer at the Star Tribune at the time of this interview. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from SJMC in 2009 and held internships at Bloomberg News and the Star Tribune. While in school, he worked as a staff writer at the Minnesota Daily.

Video Index

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  • Introduction
  • What is on your to-do list for today?
  • What do you wish you had done or known before you got this job?
  • How does a new person in this field get started/launch a career?
  • What do you find most challenging about your job?
  • What is most exciting about your job?
  • Describe a favorite memory in your job


Courses to Help Prepare You (Within SJMC)

  • JOUR 3102: Multimedia Production and Storytelling
  • JOUR 3103: Interactive and Data Journalism
  • JOUR 3155: Editing for Print and Digital Audiences
  • JOUR 3451: TV, Radio and Digital News Reporting
  • JOUR 4302: Electronic Photojournalism
  • JOUR 4303: Documentary Photojournalism
  • JOUR 4451: Advanced Multimedia Storytelling
  • JOUR 4452: Electronic Newscast Producing
  • JOUR 5155: Database Reporting

Courses to Help Prepare You (Outside SJMC)

  • CSCI 1001: Overview of Computer Science
  • DES 1101W: Introduction to Design Thinking
  • DES 1111: Creative Problem Solving
  • COMM 3411: Small Group Communication
  • OLPD 3318: Introduction to Project Management.

Student Groups

  • Society of Professional Journalists

Participate In

  • Minnesota Daily
  • Murphy News Service
  • Other campus media with web/mobile presence


  • Look for internships in news organizations with a strong web/mobile presence
  • Look for communications jobs in departments across the University (especially Gopher Sports, etc.)

Your Career

Career Resources

Professional Organizations

Potential Job Titles

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Producer
  • Interactive Producer

Where Alumni Work

  • Poynter Institute
  • Star Tribune
  • St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

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