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Update from the SJMC Alumni Society Board

September 9, 2016

Dear SJMC alumni, faculty and staff: 

As we kick off another academic year, we are writing to share some big updates from the Alumni Society Board and to enlist your help in serving our students in the year ahead. 

Next week marks the kickoff of our 33rd annual mentoring program - the University's oldest and largest. Each fall, we match dozens of SJMC juniors and seniors with industry professionals in journalism, communications, advertising or other related fields in order to help prepare them for life after the J-School. Participating students continually laud the program as a highlight and a career accelerator, and mentors have an opportunity to guide our next generation of communicators. Find out more about our program or becoming a mentor here

Your 13-member SJMC Alumni Society Board meets each month to help advance the academic mission of the school and to explore new ways to better serve and connect students and alumni. Our highlights from the past year include a series of employment panels for SJMC students to meet with industry recruiters and leaders to help land internships and jobs. We awarded four burgeoning alumni with our annual Above the Fold Award. Additionally, Christine Fruechte, CEO at Colle + McVoy, received ourAward of Excellence - granted annually to SJMC grads who have advanced to the peak of their careers. Read more about our award opportunities here

Over the summer, the board and SJMC, CLA and University of Minnesota Alumni Association staff met for a strategic review of our mission, activities and vision for the future. As a result, we've taskeddirectors to a new Communications Committee to build stronger connections with students and alumni. We also started evaluating a job shadowing pilot program and implemented additional improvements to our mentor program. 

Our board is eager, ambitious and committed to supporting the SJMC and its students. If you'd like to learn more about our mission or volunteer for any of our ongoing programs, please get in touch. We're looking forward to another successful year for our board and for the SJMC, and are honored for the opportunity to serve our alma mater.

Thank you for offering your time, energy and support to do the same.