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Lauren Wetzsteon

Lauren started the U's chapter of Her Campus.
July 24, 2017

Hometown: ​Onalaska, Wisconsin
Track in major: Strategic Communication
Year:​ Senior

Why did you decide to become a journalism major?
I chose to become a journalism major because I wanted a degree that was dynamic and would provide me the opportunity to develop a portfolio, gain hands-on experience, and learn from experienced professors in an intimate setting.  

What has been your favorite experience at Hubbard SJMC?
My favorite experience at SJMC has been building relationships with my professors and classmates. I love that students and faculty are always down for meaningful and intellectually engaging conversations, regardless of their background or perspective. 

What professor has had the biggest impact on you?
Professor Sid Bedingfield has had an incredible impact on me. He taught my Introduction to Mass Communication (Jour 1001) and History of Media Communications (Jour 3614) classes. I had never considered a career in strategic communication or journalism until I took his courses. He was so passionate about the material and always willing to share his professional experience and wisdom with his students. He’s always willing to offer honest feedback and guidance to his students which really means a lot.  

What is something about the Journalism school that most people wouldn't know?
We have a tremendous library. It’s the perfect study spot and the computers have Adobe Suite...10 out of 10, would recommend.  

What journalism course would you recommend for other students on your track?
I would definitely recommend Mass Media Effects (Jour 3771) with Marco Yzer. I think now more than ever it’s critical for us to be aware of the potential effects our work as communications professionals could have on the general population. The lectures are outstanding and Marco is incredibly intelligent. You’ll feel like you’re getting smarter just by being in his presence.  

What minors, internships or fields of interest outside your Journalism major are you pursuing?
In addition to my Journalism major, I’m also a Political Science minor. I have an internship at Special Olympics Minnesota, am working on Erin Murphy’s campaign for Governor in 2018, and started the first all-female publication at the U of M, Her Campus Minnesota. The reason I’ve taken this route is because I’m a strong believer that we should all be global citizens who are actively engaged in making our communities better. Minoring in political science and working with Special Olympics and Rep. Murphy’s campaign has allowed me to do just that. 

How has being a leader of the Minnesota chapter of Her Campus impacted your experience as a student? What's the most important thing you've learned from it?
I started Her Campus in April 2016 when I first transferred to the University of Minnesota [from St. Thomas]. Her Campus is our campus’ only all-female publication. We function not only to give women on campus professional experience in journalism, advertising, and public relations, but also to empower the greater community of women on campus through various events, philanthropy, and networking opportunities. Starting Her Campus and serving as our President has definitely proven to be a challenge. My role has challenged me in many ways, making me a better student, leader and member of the campus community. That said, Her Campus has also allowed me to develop relationships with incredible people from all over campus and has given me the opportunity to help other women thrive and grow as individuals, leaders and professionals.    

What is your dream job?
Looking forward, my dream job would be to work as a lawmaker or campaign manager for female candidates, both paths demanding a knowledge of public policy and strategic communication. I think that having a background in nonprofit work, campaign management, strategic communication and political science prepares me with a very comprehensive and competitive set of skills for whatever path I take.  

What is your favorite news source?
I’m a huge fan of The Atlantic. I’m not talking online–I’m a paper copy kind of gal. There’s nothing I love more than picking up the newest edition at the Bookstore and enjoying it with an iced coffee.  

What advice do you have for future Hubbard SJMC students?
Take every opportunity you have to connect with your peers and professors.​ ​In the age of smartphones and social media, there’s so much that can be said for individuals who take the time to have genuine and meaningful conversations. Relationships are invaluable, so talk to your classmates, invite your professors to coffee, and get as involved in student groups and campus initiatives as possible!