Professional Journalism Track

The professional journalism track prepares students for careers such as news reporting, writing, editing, producing, and photojournalism in new and emerging media.  The program offers a variety of professional courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels that fit these interests.  Students should familiarize themselves with the range of skills courses offered and, in consultation with their adviser, plan their programs so that they can move smoothly from beginning courses through the more advanced ones.

All course profiles will open to GoogleDocs.

Preparatory Course

Core Courses

Professional (Skills) Courses

Professional (Skills) Courses By Interest Area

All professional journalism track students must take JOUR 3101, a beginning news writing and reporting course. 

  • Students interested in reporting/writing/editing would then take Jour 3121 (Intermediate News Reporting).  They may also want to take an editing course (Jour 3155) TV, radio, and digital news reporting course (Jour 3451) Interactive and Data Journalism (Jour 3103) or Multimedia Production and Storytelling (Jour 3102). They might follow with either Jour 5131 or Jour 5155, courses that teach in-depth journalism and advanced reporting methods.
  • Students interested in feature writing/editing follow Jour 3101 with Jour 3173W (Magazine Writing), although they could still benefit from taking Jour 3121 and one of 4xxx/5xxx reporting courses.  They should supplement those courses with Jour 5174 (Magazine Writing and Production). 
  • Students interested in reporting/producing for video news follow Jour 3101 with Jour 3102 and then move from Jour 3121 (Intermediate News Reporting) and Jour 3451 (TV, Radio, and Digital News Reporting) to Jour 4451, a course in advanced TV, radio, and digital news reporting.  Students also take Jour 4452, a course in newscast producing.
  • Students interested in photojournalism/visual communication—with an eye toward working in photo, design and graphics—may choose among several skills courses after Jour 3101, depending on interests.  Those courses could include Jour 3102 (Multimedia Production and Storytelling), Jour 3103 (Interactive and Data Journalism), Jour 3155 (Editing for Print and Digital Audiences), Jour 3321 (Media Design) and, on a more advanced level,Jour 4302 (Electronic Photojournalism), Jour 4303 (Documentary Photojournalism), or Jour 5174 (Magazine Editing and Production).

The above are merely examples of typical course flows.  Media convergence is creating a market for journalists with broader skill sets.  As such, students might want to create more varied programs.  Finally, program plans allow room for at least one skills course in more specific areas.  Those include Jour 4171, a course on covering the arts, and Jour 4193 and Jour 4992, which are practicum courses taught at professional news organizations.  Students should be on the lookout for such special course opportunities as they arise.