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Research & Outreach Centers

Silha Lecture 2015

Silha Lecture 2015
New York Times investigative journalist James Risen and attorney Joel Kurtzberg speak about covering national security issues in the post 9/11 world at the 2015 Silha Lecture.

Research and outreach serve a vital role in the mission of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Mass communication research centers on how people use the media and its effects on society. This research tackles a number of leading issues, including digital innovations, advertising effects, crisis communications, and publishing.


Through the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law, programming and research focus on freedom and fairness and examine ethical responsibilities and legal rights of the mass media in a democratic society. 

The School of Journalism & Mass Communication, along with the Department of Political Science and the Department of Psychology, supports the Center for the Study of Political Psychology. The Center is dedicated to establishing a strong research communication focused on the advancement of political psychology, which centers on understanding how leaders and citizens make political judgements and the consequences of these judgements have on the broader political system. 

The School of Journalism & Mass Communication also has robust research facilities, including a focus group room, eye-tracking software, and a mass communication library.


The Minnesota Journalism Center serves as the outreach arms of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication and works to improve the practice of journalism by promoting interaction between media professionals and the academy.