Transfer Students FAQ

We are pleased that you are considering a transfer to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC). Transfer students are a vital part of our School, and this page contains frequently asked questions to help students make a successful transition.

What should I do first?
Apply to the College of Liberal Arts and watch the online pre-major information session.
What are the minimum requirements to apply to the Journalism Major at the University of Minnesota (U of M)?
The following items are required from all students, including incoming transfer students.
  • Completed or enrolled in JOUR 1001, earning a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Completed or enrolled in 30 credits graded A-F, including a minimum of 13 credits graded A-F at the U of M Twin Cities. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits do not count towards these required credit totals
  • Attended or viewed a required pre-major information session
  • Note: To be competitive for admission, students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • View full application instructions.
Do I need to wait until I have finished 13 U of M credits to apply to the Journalism major?
No, you can apply to the major with JOUR 1001 and the required 13 U of M credits graded A-F in progress. (Note: transfer students still need to meet the 30 credits minimum to apply, but this can include any in-progress UMN credits)
When should I apply?

This will vary depending on how many credits a student transfers into the U of M. It takes a minimum of four (4) semesters (including the semester you take JOUR 1001) to complete the major. **This means some transfer students may need to apply during their first semester on campus.

You can apply during your first semester on campus if you have:

  • JOUR 1001 completed or in progress
  • 13 UMNTC credits graded A-F completed or in progress
  • 30 total credits graded A-F completed or in progress

Applications are due the second Friday of both fall and spring semester

What track is best for me?

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers three tracks focused on distinct areas of study within the discipline that connect to different kinds of work. Visit the major page and the career exploration page to see what track fits your interests and career goals.

What Journalism courses should I register for when I attend orientation?

Many transfer students have completed Journalism courses at their previous institutions, so this answer will vary from person to person. The following is a general guide of what to register for if you are new to Journalism.

  • JOUR 1001
  • 1-2 context courses
  • At least 13 credits graded A-F
  • Note: After you are admitted to the U of M, if you have transfer courses you believe will satisfy JOUR 1001 or other JOUR courses, please contact before your orientation date.
I’ve taken courses at my previous institution that seem to match University of Minnesota JOUR courses, how do I know if they will be accepted for my major requirements?

Search for your course on transferology before your orientation date. If your course is not listed, contact to discuss course equivalencies and the transfer coursework petition process.