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Students in news reporting courses, such as TV, Radio, and Digital News Reporting (JOUR 3451) and Electronic Newscast Producing (JOUR 4452), learn about the necesssary skills to produce audio and video stories. The emphasis of these courses is researching, reporting, shooting, writing and editing news packages. Students learn to master the use of digital cameras and non-linear editing systems. Students also learn how to better write to video and how to improve their voice work and on-camera performance. These students may also contribute reporting, writing, producing and anchoring. 

Video Journalism 2018

Glassblowing by Jessica Hart

Minnesota Whitecaps by Jessica Hart

Family Three Music by Shaina Ekstrom

The Watershed Cafe by Shaina Ekstrom

Audio Journalism

Jazz Central

Video Journalism

Noir Elite Fitness - Matt Weber
Yodeling Workshop at the Minnesota Winter Bluegrass Weekend - Matt Weber

Karen Refugee Pastor in St. Paul - Xavier Wang

Traumatized artist at UMN - Xavier Wang



Tom Mahowald Male Victim-Survivor

Cornbread Harris

Plastic bag ban moves forward in Minneapolis

Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles

The Aftermath of the Jamar Clark Decision

Minnesota Caucus

Importance of Family

Freshman lifesaver

City pushing for more handicap-accessible cabs

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