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Study Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) offers semester, academic year, winter break and May/summer term international study programs. Early planning and systematic consultation with advisors in the Learning Abroad Center and the department is key to assuring that you:

  • find the right study abroad program for you
  • meet application or scholarship deadlines
  • plan and apply appropriate courses to take abroad to fulfill your major/minor and/or liberal education requirements

Fulfillment of major or minor requirements

Most universities in other countries do not offer the professional courses taught in SJMC. However, many offer fascinating media courses that fulfill context course requirements or other courses that fulfill the non-journalism supporting course requirements for the major.

If you want to fulfill major requirements, look for junior-senior level courses that may apply to either the context course area or the non-journalism supporting course area of your program plan. If you find a professional course of interest, you must get preliminary approval for this course from SJMC. Final approval for professional courses will not be given until the course work you did in the learning abroad course is reviewed by SJMC.

To determine whether programs or classes you have chosen will fulfill major requirements, talk to an advisor or faculty mentor in SJMC.

  • For supporting courses: bring course descriptions with you.
  • For context courses: bring course descriptions and syllabus (if available).
  • For professional courses: bring a syllabus to obtain preliminary approval from a faculty mentor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Final approval for professional courses will be given after SJMC faculty review the work you did—including all written or visual assignments—for the course. A syllabus and your course work must be submitted for faculty review when you return from your learning abroad.

If an advisor or faculty mentor in SJMC cannot determine whether a course fulfills major requirements based on the course description and syllabus, or if you are a pre-journalism major, you must complete a Transfer Course Work Petition and submit it with the course description or syllabus to 110 Murphy Hall. The DUS will use these materials to determine if the study abroad course will apply to the major.

The Study Abroad in Rome and Study Abroad in Florence programs, the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), and the Study and Internships in London program offered through the Learning Abroad Center (LAC), have worked well for SJMC students because these programs offer courses that will apply to all three major tracks. 

NOTE: It is very important that you consult with an advisor or faculty mentor in SJMC before taking learning abroad courses in the topic area of journalism and mass communication because no more than 48 credits in courses in this topic area will apply to a 120-credit BA degree program. If you take journalism and mass communication courses that do not apply to the major, you will not receive credit for these courses in your degree program.

Find out more about how you can make learning abroad part of your School of Journalism & Mass Communication degree program.