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Introducing New Human Rights Program Staff Member

Abdul Mohamoud join the HRP team
February 22, 2021

The Human Rights Program is happy to welcome our new intern Abdul Mohamoud! Read and learn a little bit about him in his write up below. 

My name is Abdul Mohamoud, and I am a Senior in the College of Liberal Arts here at the University of Minnesota. I'm studying Global Studies with a focus on the Islamic World and Human Rights.

My inital interest in Human Rights work actually came from watching the news with my dad throughout my life. Seeing the Yemeni Crisis, the Syrian Civil War, and the plight of the Rohingya people lead me to ask many questions about the world around me. Why do things such as honor killings exist? Why is it okay to jail journalists in certain nations when there is international human rights law against it? Why do we just sit by when governments violate their own laws and attack their citizens? All of these inquiries pushed me to study human rights as a way help me understand world issues and hopefully one day engage with them in the field. 

In the future I plan to work in the US Department of State focued on foreign affairs, specifically on policy making focused on the Islamic World. I would also like to work for an international organization such as the United Nations specifically on human rights cases. 

What I look forward to as a intern for the Human Rights Program at the U of M is the ability to engage with human rights issues and the projects that the program is currently working on. I want to expand my knowledge on the issues I already know about, develop my knowledge on new issues and help promote the program's content. I am very excited to be here, and I hope I have a good experience with the team.