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Welcome to Our New HRP Intern!

Anjali Tadavarthy Helps Us This Summer
May 15, 2020

Anjali Tadavarthy

Anjali Tadavarthy
Anjali Tadavarthy

Hi, I’m Anjali Tadavarthy! I am a senior at St. Paul Academy and Summit School and I am interning with the Human Rights Program for the month of May. I plan to attend Rhodes College in the fall to study Political Science and History.

I am interested in working with the Human Rights Program, both because of the social justice aspect and a more commercial perspective. I have always been a huge history nerd. I love learning about the past and seeing how people have helped to reform societies and laws to confront injustices. This year, I took a class on the history of law and also became fascinated with how the written law and the practice of social equity intertwine.

Each spring, seniors at St. Paul Academy are asked to find an internship in a career they would like to explore. I chose the Human Rights Program because I knew that I could not only learn more about human rights issues, but I could also learn about how to engage the general public with human rights concerns. When I committed to this internship, I never would have guessed that a global pandemic would radically change my plans. But I soon discovered that although I would have to do my work from the comfort of my bedroom, instead of in an office, the pandemic shines a spotlight on the human rights inequities in our country. The Coronavirus crisis helped me take human rights out of the abstract and into the real world. I hope that my work with the Human Rights Program can continue to spread awareness about the impact of the pandemic on human rights and social justice concerns in general.  

In the future, I hope to get a degree in political science and history and use that degree to make policy that will genuinely make an impact in the human rights field. By working with the Human Rights Project, I can broaden my knowledge of the human rights issues in the world, and expand my skills in processing and spreading relevant information.