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Global REM Curriculum Modules

The following sources include a news report in 2007 on Iraqi refugees in Sweden and interviews in 1998 of Hmong refugees living in Minnesota. Its goal is to explore the refugee experience, both from an international or geopolitical perspective and from a personal standpoint.
This resource uses maps, a video and texts to provide an understanding of the financial flows of migrant remittances. Its goal is to encourage students to think critically about the multiple impacts of remittances on sending communities.
This resource compares oral history and in-depth interviews from two different periods of immigration to the United States. Its goal is to complicate notions of migration as a unidirectional and permanent activity.
The following graph, map, video and news report provide a general overview of urbanization trends since 1950, in addition to specific stories of urban migrants in Asia. The goal of this lesson is to provide an understanding of the scale of recent urbanization in different global regions and the diverse roles that migrants play in contributing to urbanization.
Learn how Wong Kim Ark and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution are connected in this podcast featuring Professor Erika Lee.