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Erika Lee

The Politics of Distraction

Erika Lee, a professor of history and director of the Immigration History Research Center, is interviewed by PBS about recent comments made by President Trump. "...remarks by the president and the division that it has caused points to a much larger, deeper problem in the United States," she says.

Meet Abena Abraham

Abena Abraham, a Minnesotan of Ghanaian and Liberian descent, will join us at the Afromigracy event on Thursday. Abraham, who arrived in the U.S. at age 4, is co-founded the Black Immigrant Collective, a group that advocates for immigration and racial justice issues.

Meet Mariam Mohamed

Children’s book author and elementary school teacher Mariam Mohamed will be joining us at the Afromigrancy: History and Memory workshop in April. Mohamed, the author of Ayeeyo’s Golden Rule, was born to Somali parents in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). She’s been teaching fourth-graders at a predominantly Somali-American school in Minneapolis.

Meet Tom Gitaa

Tom Gitaa, the president and publisher of Mshale — the longest serving African newspaper in Minnesota — will be joining us as a panelist at the Afromigrancy: History and Memory workshop in April.

Meet Shannon Gibney

The Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) is delighted to announce that Shannon Gibney, the author of Dream Country, will be joining us at the collaborative Afromigrancy: History and Memory, a workshop that will explore the challenges — and ongoing efforts — of documenting the lives and experiences of African immigrants and refugees in Minnesota.

Seeking Refuge in a Changing World: a series of events in 2017-2018

Seeking Refuge in a Changing World is a collaborative project that investigates a world of people in flux. In a series of multidisciplinary explorations, the collaborative will investigate the global developments forcing people to seek refuge, the motivations and experiences of refugees themselves, the impact of these migrations on sending and receiving communities, and the political, social, environmental and cultural responses to mass migrations around the globe. Events will span the 2017-2018 academic year and will include public lectures, panels, educator workshops, and arts exhibitions, culminating in a daylong symposium in April. Seeking Refuge will kick off with an event on Wednesday, September 13 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm on the Washington Avenue Bridge at the University of Minnesota. Multiple interactive activities designed to engage audiences and provoke dialogue on immigration and refugee issues will take place along the pedestrian walkway. Multimedia artist Ifrah Mansour will perform and invite participants to contribute to “Somalia's Balloon," a show that educates about Somalia and the importance of everyone needing a home (12:00 pm - 1:00 pm). Additional activities will include printmaking, typewriting, an exhibit showcasing photojournalism from WWII Displaced Persons Camps from the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and videos from the Immigration History Research Center’s Immigrant Stories project ( Seeking Refuge in a Changing World is a joint effort of the Institute for Global Studies, African Studies Initiative, Center for Austrian Studies, Center for German and European Studies, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Human Rights Program, and the Immigration History Research Center. Collectively, these centers support interdisciplinary research and facilitate community outreach.