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Photo of Erika Lee giving an interview

No One Is a Stranger

The e-mails started flooding historian Erika Lee’s inbox the week after the election of Donald J. Trump. Lee, who is director of the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota and has written extensively about US immigration history, recalls that her fellow scholars had “questions like ‘what are we going to do when the deportation trains start running again?’”
Photo of Naturalization Ceremony

In Their Own Words: After Collecting its 200th Story, U of M Center to Expand &...

Pa Eh Soe was a little girl when her family left a refugee camp in Thailand for the United States, and she had to leave her best friend behind. But Soe, now a high school student in St. Paul, never forgot her friend, and a brief story about the bond they shared is now part of the archives at the University of Minnesota.
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True Story

As an undocumented immigrant for 16 years, Thiago Heil­man lived with the constant fear that he could be deported. So when he produced a “digital story” as part of professor Erika Lee’s immigration history class, it felt “a little like being naked in front of a crowd,” he says. His story is part of the Immigrant Stories initiative at the Immigration History Research Center, as part of its mission to work with recent immigrants and refugees to preserve their histories.