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Global Minnesota

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Global Minnesota: Immigrants Past and Present is a year-long series of public programming funded by a $150,000 National Endowment for the Humanities grant. Over the course of 2016, Global Minnesota will demonstrate the vital role the humanities continue to play in our civic lives through multiple forms held at the University of Minnesota and other programs hosted throughout the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

Throughout 2016 Global Minnesota will host six public forums at the University of Minnesota that touch on a range of immigrant/immigration topics, both historical and contemporary. We will invite award-winning local authors, innovative scholars, and everyday people on the forefront of public discussions on immigration.

At Global Minnesota we are collaborating with partners across the Twin Cities and the state to extend the public dialogue about immigration into local communities. We are working with high school students and teachers; poets, libraries, archives, and museums; local media and journalists; and various other community groups to bring exciting programs to Minnesotans that highlight Minnesota's long and rich history of  "old" and "new" immigration.

The Immigration History Research Center's distinguished record of perserving immigration history and dedication to community engagement make it a natural choice for this grant. “We’re thrilled and honored to be one of just 21 institutions awarded this new NEH grant across the nation,” says IHRC director Erika Lee. “At the IHRC, we’re constantly asked to help make sense of contemporary immigration news or to bring historical perspective to current issues. These are critical questions to ask, and we’re so pleased to be able to bring these discussions to a wider public at such an important time in our history.”