Language Collaboratory Fall Series Wrap-Up and Networking

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The Language Collaboratory’s fall sessions foregrounded challenges and opportunities for engaging language learners at multiple levels: with content, with the instructor, with peers, and with the community. Discussants shared a wide range of instructional strategies that have been effective in engaging students. We learned about engagement at the curriculum level, in the classroom, and in digital environments. We discovered the specific ways in which these strategies impact teaching and learning, and foster greater, more meaningful engagement.

This wrap-up session of the series provides an opportunity for collaborative learning by foregrounding questions that remain and sharing ideas on how the challenges we continue to face with student engagement may promote innovation going forward. Participants will be invited to share takeaways from the sessions, difficulties and successes with student engagement, and crowdsource innovative solutions.

ModeratorsJana Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Adolfo Carrillo Cabello, University of Minnesota 

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