Language Pathfinders: Supporting a language-enhanced college experience

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This collaborative event between CLA Advising and the language departments will offer opportunities for engagement by featuring both structured and unstructured interaction: to begin, a panel with representatives from interested language units explaining in-house concepts like “coordinator” and “DLI” and then fielding commonly asked questions received by advisors, followed by an open mingle à la speed dating where advisors make the rounds to different units to ask their language-specific and technical questions. If you are interested in serving as a representative for your language unit, either on the panel or as a mingler during the open session, please indicate this in your RSVP.

Another feature of the collaboration is the creation of info sheets for the advisors to use during their consultations with students. These info sheets will contain three compelling reasons students might have for learning the language you teach, as well as the contact information for the DLI and Coordinators in your unit (as relevant). The Language Center will facilitate the creation of these materials by crowdsourcing your answers and compiling them into an eye-catching brochure that we will make available for language programs and Advising alike. When you are ready to participate in this exercise, please access the padlet and share your reasons by Friday September 22, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

It is our goal that this event will mark the beginning of a long and communicative relationship with CLA Advising. We hope that you will join us at the Language Center in helping to make this possible!

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