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German / English TandemPlus Class Exchanges: What time is it?

October 30, 2017

This week, students in five German courses here at the U of M will talk individually via Skype with a partner at Leuphana Universität in Germany. It is the first of three exchanges this semester for students in German 3011 and two sections of 1003. While students here on campus are in the midst of midterms, students in Germany just began their “winter semester” 10 days ago. Because the semester schedules differ so much between Germany and the United States, scheduling class-to-class exchanges can be challenging, but the participating instructors agreed upon three conversations between October 30 and December 4, 2017. The instructors assigned the specific weeks for each conversation to occur, but students are responsible for scheduling the exact date and time to meet their partner online. Calculating the time difference between the two countries can be confusing, especially this week! Daylight savings time ends October 29 in Germany, but not until November 5 in Minnesota. When Germans turn their clocks back on Saturday night, the time difference will be six hours - not the usual seven hours. Hopefully, students on both sides of the Atlantic will remember. For anyone wondering which countries use daylight savings time and when it begins or ends, check out