Language Center Graduating Staff

December 17, 2018

At the end of the semester, a few members of our undergraduate staff are graduating and moving on to new adventures. Please join us in thanking them for their contributions to the Language Center, and wishing them well. We are sorry to see them go!

Kali Suchy
Kali has been working at the Language Center since January 2016 starting out in Classroom Support. She has also worked with the Language Testing Program proctoring exams and has been the LC Computing Specialist since Fall 2017.

Kali will be graduating with a Sociology BA and TESL minor. During her time at the U besides working at the LC, she's also been an RA for Professor Logan's Election Study, a member of the $15 for student workers campaign, a volunteer with adult education ESL classes at Cedar-Riverside Community Center, an intern with the workers organizing center CTUL, and a student worker at Minnesota Population center in Wiley hall.  

Kali's career interests are in the fields and intersections of public policy, immigration justice, workers justice, and community engaged research. After graduation she plans on working, interning, and volunteering at various organizations around the Twin Cities. Kali's plans also include travel and eventually moving out of Minnesota and on to somewhere new (and warm).

Mirah Yoon
Mirah has been working at the Language Center since September 2016 of her sophomore year.  She began her time as a Multimedia Lab Assistant and moved into the Administration and Student Support Assistant position with the merger of the Main Office and Lab teams as of Fall 2017. She has continued to provide outstanding service for the Language Center and helped lead the undergraduate staff as a confirmer for scheduling.

Mirah will be graduating with a Sociology BA with an emphasis in Nursing. She couples this with a certification in teaching English as a Foreign Language. Beyond her work at the Language Center, she has both held an internship with the Korean Language department and worked at the Fairview Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Mirah’s career interests are in the fields and intersections of public policy, nursing, mental health care and support, and education. After graduation, she will be moving to South Korea to work with an international clinic that focuses on mental health in adolescents. During the weekends, she will be volunteering at a local public university to help teach English. In addition to these plans, she aims to travel in her spare time. Eventually, she might move back to her home in California, or – maybe! – extend her stay in South Korea.

Kara Macris
Kara has been working at the Language Center since January, 2018 as Classroom Support student assistant. Kara will be graduating with a BA in Asian Languages and Literatures with a subplan in Japanese. Kara has had multiple opportunities to use her Japanese in both, professional and informal settings. Kara worked at Concordia Language Villages and has travelled to Japan extensively. Kara has accepted a job at a pharmaceutical company in Minneapolis. At her new job, Kara will utilize her excellent customer service skills to deal with clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.