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TandemPlus Fall 2020: Face-to-Face registration is open!

September 8, 2020

Looking for an opportunity to improve your target language skills this fall? The TandemPlus Face-to-Face program registration for the Fall 2020 semester is now open! Through TandemPlus, learners have the opportunity to be paired with a language partner for a one-on-one exchange of language and culture. Partners are matched based on their native and target language preferences. This long-standing program is free and voluntary; partners have the autonomy to decide when and how often they meet together throughout the semester. The only requirement is that half of the time partners spend together is conducted in each language.

This year has brought many new challenges. We are very fortunate that we live in times when we have the technology to allow us to continue to communicate with one another when we’re unable to meet in-person. The TandemPlus program is all about making connections with others but we have virtual options available! In order to support physical distancing the Face-to-Face program will continue to be completely online in Fall 2020.

To register and learn more about the program visit Access the “My Account” tab on the top-right to sign up with either your UMN Internet ID or a personal email account. Registration takes 5 –10 minutes.

Have questions about registration or the program? Contact