PACE Reports

Each semester, data from the PACE project is sent to the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) in Washington, DC, for analysis. For each individual student tested the data includes the ratings on the three ACTFL tests (Speaking, Reading, and Listening), Self-Assessment responses and ratings, and information on language background and use culled from the PACE survey and PeopleSoft.

The research questions the report seeks to answer:

  1. What levels of proficiency do students demonstrate at which course levels in which languages?
  2. Do students in higher-level courses demonstrate higher levels of proficiency than students in lower levels?
  3. Are there patterns in responses on surveys and proficiency scores?
  4. Are there correlations between self-assessments and actual ratings?
  5. What factors contribute to advanced proficiency in study abroad experiences (given a sufficiently robust sample)?

Finalized Reports: