Instructors can include their entire class in an electronic class-to-class language exchange. In these exchanges, students at the University of Minnesota are paired with one or two students in an overseas class and correspond throughout the course of an entire semester. TandemPlus can help the instructors in a variety of ways, from finding a counterpart class to suggesting how the exchange might be incorporated into a language curriculum. If you would like to learn more, contact the TandemPlus program at 612-626-6050, or

The TandemPlus staff works with individual language instructors to help them organize an exchange in which an entire class communicates with a counterpart class in another country.

Depending on your goals, we can help you locate a counterpart class; explain the types of technology available to carry out the exchange; help train the students in using the technology; offer suggestions on how to incorporate an exchange into the class; offer tips on how to increase the chance for a successful exchange.

The students in the overseas classes are native speakers of another language who are learning English. We have worked with classes in Spain, Chile, France, and China, but are willing to work with instructors and students of any foreign language taught at the University of Minnesota.

Generally, all students in both classes must participate in the exchange, i.e., the exchange must be a requirement for the class and incorporated into the grading system. There may be an occasional opportunity for a non-mandatory exchange, but generally, counterpart classes want to know that there is a grade associated with participation so that students will be more likely to send and receive postings.


Students can participate in synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous (recorded) video exchanges with partners in a different country, using Skype, Flipgrid, or any number of platforms. Synchronous exchanges can either take place during class time in the Language Lab, when all students from both countries are on-line, or students can meet on-line individually outside of class to talk with their conversation partners. Asynchronous exchanges can also be recorded during class time in the Language Lab or outside of class on students' own time.


Students can write to partners in a different country. This type of exchange is generally carried out through e-mail. Typically, students leave one written message per week in their native language, and one written message per week in the target language.

TandemPlus staff is happy to work with instructors to find a counterpart class. Please call us at 612-626-6050 or email us at to let us know you are interested, and we can set up an appointment to discuss what kind of an exchange you would like.