Video & Web Conferencing

Jones 135B Video Conference Room

The Language Center has four rooms with video conferencing equipment installed: Jones 105A, 110D, 127A and 135B. Video conferencing equipment in three of the rooms consists of a Cisco SX-10 video codec with external microphone and large monitor. Jones 127A was recently converted to a Zoom Room with a large monitor and video conferencing camera featuring speaker tracking. All four rooms can be used to connect to other locations with standard video conferencing equipment or to other users through applications like Zoom.

The equipment in these rooms are primarily used by the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) CourseShare program to connect students to language programs offered through other Universities in the Big Ten.

A web conference camera is installed in Jones 35 and connected to the instructor's computer. By using an application like Zoom, instructors can connect to guest speakers or other students at remote locations. The Language Center also has several web conference cameras available for check out.