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CourseShare FAQ for Students

Do you want to learn a language the University of Minnesota doesn’t currently teach? Maybe you can!

The Big Ten Academic Alliance CourseShare program uses technology to receive less commonly taught language and culture courses with partner institutions when an equivalent course is not offered at the University of Minnesota. This means that University of Minnesota students can enroll in a variety of courses from other Big Ten universities.

What languages are available?

See the LANG subject for currently available classes. Don’t see the language you’re interested in studying? Ask! We might be able to find an institution that is currently offering it.

Who is eligible to take CourseShare courses?

All students enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the University of Minnesota are eligible. That includes undergraduate and graduate students.

Will these languages fulfill CLA’s second language requirement?

You can complete the CLA language requirement by passing a fourth semester language course worth at least four credits with a C- or better. Contact your advisor with any questions.

Is there funding available?

See CLA's Scholarships for Language Students for more information. View the full list of scholarships. Any that include "And more!" in the Language(s) column may be applicable to students enrolled in CourseShare courses.

Are these online courses?

For Spring 2021, all courses are online, and you will connect from home.

I am not a beginner. How do I get placed in a language sequence?

Contact for information. The process varies by the language.

What else should I know about CourseShare courses?

Different universities have different academic schedules. Please note the “meeting dates” for the scheduled courses. They may be different than most University of Minnesota courses.

How do I get started?

Students may register for already scheduled courses just like any other course under the LANG designator. For all other options, email as soon as possible.

What resources are available at the Language Center for CourseShare students?

  • The TandemPlus program is open for all students, including those enrolled in CourseShare courses. It’s a great opportunity to practice the language you’re learning with native speakers and meet other students.
  • Jones Hall small rooms with video conferencing can be reserved by students who need to meet remotely outside of class times
  • The Multimedia Lab is open for all language students and is one of the few labs on campus with headsets.