Language Testing Updates

Last updated:  June 30, 2020

The CLA Language Testing Program administers the Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT), the Language Proficiency Exam (LPE), and the LPE Screening Test to students at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and delivers and interprets scores for these tests.

We in the Testing Program are here to provide information and advice on your second language requirement.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT)

The EPT is entirely online.  Please continue to take the EPT as usual through


LPE Screening Test

For Spring 2020, the LPE Screening Test was administered online with a remote proctor.  The Screening Test will be offered again in summer and fall.  Test dates are posted at as soon as they are determined. View LPE Screening Test dates here


Language Proficiency Exam (LPE)

Depending on the language, part(s) of the LPE will be offered online with a remote proctor during summer 2020.  Students graduating during summer 2020 should contact us at to discuss LPE options and the language requirement.

Summer and fall test dates are posted at as soon as they are determined.  Test sessions are posted on a rolling schedule based on capacity. View LPE test dates here.

Languages with Remote LPE during summer 2020:  Normally the LPE is available only in French, German, and Spanish during the summer.  In summer 2020, parts of the Remote LPE may be available in other languages based on capacity and need.  Please inquire at

LPE Eligibility:  Information on eligibility for the LPE is posted on this page. The LPE is normally offered one time during the summer.  Eligible students may attempt each part of the Remote LPE only one time during summer 2020.

  • Incoming freshman who passed Spanish 1004, French 1004, or German 1004 in high school through CIS may continue the LPE.
  • Incoming freshman who did not take CIS courses should take the Entrance Proficiency Test (EPT) or contact us at to discuss their situation.

Past summer 2020 LPE test dates:

  • May 19-28:  Remote LPE listening/reading
  • June 15-26:  Remote LPE speaking/writing
  • June 30-July 8:  Remote LPE listening/reading

Language requirement:  To fulfill the CLA second language requirement you must either (1) earn a C- or better or S in a fourth-semester language course, or (2) pass the LPE.  The LPE has four parts:  listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Please ask at if you have questions about your language requirement.

Spring 2020:  The LPE was available online with a remote proctor during spring 2020.  Priority was given to students graduating during spring 2020.  Students who are not graduating may have taken part(s) of the LPE during spring 2020 depending on capacity.


Individual Language Assessment (ILA)

The ILA is an assessment for languages not taught on campus (e.g., Vietnamese, Oromo).  If you have a referral for the ILA from CLA Advising, please follow the instructions you received to contact the Testing Program.  If you need assessment in a language not taught on campus, please contact your CLA adviser to start the referral process.

In May, the ILA was available online with a remote proctor.  Normally the ILA is not given over the summer.  The ILA will be available in the fall.   If you are graduating during summer 2020 and need the ILA, please contact us at to discuss options.


College in the Schools (CIS)

Students who earned credit for 1004 (fourth semester) and are enrolling at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities may take the LPE at a future test date.  Summer and fall test dates are posted at as soon as they are determined.  View LPE test dates here.


ACTFL/Advanced Certificate

For Spring 2020, all Advanced Certificate testing was administered online with a remote proctor. Testing will be offered again in the fall.