image of West Bank campus as seen from Weisman Museum

Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services

LATIS exists to elevate liberal arts teaching, learning, and research. We are a team of high-level experts (most with liberal arts backgrounds, including some PhDs) that focus on enhancing learning, advancing research, and improving process.

Supporting Innovative Scholarship

We’re a team of highly-skilled, liberal arts-first experts that are passionate about the college mission and driven to help faculty and students succeed. We specialize in the technologies that are critical to liberal arts disciplines, and we strive to provide services that help faculty, students, and staff be innovative in their work. You will find us working one-on-one with PIs, teaching workshops for both researchers and instructors, facilitating college-wide process improvement initiatives, connecting people with experts around the U, managing the computing infrastructure needed to run entire departments, and distributing CLA’s internal grant funding. It is our job to foster a culture of innovation and make CLA a place where faculty and graduate students can do their best work.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We work with a lot of friends. We invest in an extensive network across the University (and beyond) to connect our faculty, students, and staff to resources and to influence on their behalf.

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